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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10-19Studies on the suitability of alumina as bimetallic catalyst support for MWCNTs growth in a CVD reactorKariim, Ishaq; Abdulkareem, Ambali Saka; Abubakre, Oladiran Kamardeen; Bankole, Mercy Temitope; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo
2010-03Sorption Studies on the removal of Zn(II) and Cu(II) ions from Aqueous Solution Using Carica papaya seed and Amaranthus hybridus L stalkTijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Egila, Joseph Ndanusa
2018-09-21Influence of Dopant Types on the Morphological Transformation of Green-Synthesised Tungsten Trioxide NanoparticlesTijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Fadipe, Labake Ajoke; Bankole, Mercy Temitope; Abdulkareem, Ambali Saka
2018-09-21Green Synthesis snd Characterization of Titanium (IV) Oxide Nanoparticles: Effects of Solution pH, Temperature and Metallic Ag ParticlesTijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Salau, Rasaq Bolakale; Abdulkareem, Ambali Saka
2019-11-22Wastewater Treatment using Titanium dioxide modified Alumino-Silicate ClayAbdulkareem, Ambali Saka; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Kovo, Abdulsalami Sanni
2019-11-22Adsorption of Zn, Cd, and Mn ions onto Purified and Functionalized CNTs from Pharmaceutical Wastewater.Abdulkareem, Ambali Saka; Kariim, Ishaq; Bankole, Mercy Temitope; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo
2019-11-22Optimization of the Green Synthesis of Tin Oxide nanoparticles bu Response Surface Methodology Using Box-Behnken DesignAbdulrahman, Asipita Salawu; Abdulkareem, Ambali Saka; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo
2010Nutritional Analysis and Antibacterial Effect of Honey on Bacterial Wound PathogensOyeleke, Solomon Bankole; Dauda, Bukar Emmanuel Naroka; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo
2013-12-18Phytochemical and antibacterial activity of Securidaca longepedunculata on selected pathogensNdamitso, Muhammed Muhammed; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Idris, Suleiman
2015-10-08Degradation of 2-nitrophenol in aqueous solution by combination of dielectric barrier discharge and TiO2 photocatalyst supported on stainless steel mesh.Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo