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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07-10Application of adsorbent from Dum palm for the removal of Manganese (II), Zinc (II) and Copper (II) ions from aqueous solutionYisa, Jonathan; Hassan, Hussanat; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo
2012-02-11Comparism of Adsorption Behaviour of Caryota Rumphiana Flower and Goat Hooves to Lead and Manganese Ions in Aqueous Solution.Egila, John Ndanusa; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Ifunaya, Gabriel N; Dayo, Oladapo
2012-07Utilization of Blighia sapida (Akee apple) pod in the removal of lead, cadmium and cobalt ions from aqueous solution.Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Buoro, Augustina T; Muriana, Musah
2012-12-15Determination of copper, iron and lead levels in selected vegetables obtained from the three main markets in Minna, North Central NigeriaTijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Ndamitso, Muhammed Muhammed; Abdullahi, Saidu Husseni; Bankole, Mercy Temitope
2013-01Sequestration of Pb(II), Cd(II) and Ni(II) ions from aqueous Solution Using EDTA Modified Citrus sinensis Mesocarp.Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Bankole, Mercy Temitope; Muriana, Musah; Abdullahi, Fatima O
2012-08-15Metal content determination and antimicrobial properties of ochre from North-central NigeriaDauda, Bukar Emmanuel Naroka; Jigam, Audu Ali; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Salihu, Simon Olonkwoh
2012-12Underground water assessment using water quality indexYisa, Jonathan; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Oyibo, Ohiemi Michael
2013-10-23A review of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds: Sources, effects, removal and detectionsTijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Fatoba, Ojo Olanrewaju; Petrik, Leslie Felicia
2013-12-04The antibacterial activity and some trace elemental compositions of the extracts of Pilistigma thonningii, a widely used ethnomedicinal tree in Minna, Nigeria.Etsuyankpa, Muhammed B; Ndamitso, Muhammed Muhammed; Suleiman, Mohammed Abubakar Tanko; Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Idris, Suleiman; Shaba, Elijah Yanda; Mohammed, Abdullahi
2014-01-01Development of low cost adsorbent from Cow Horn for the biosorption of Mn(II), Ni(II) and Cd(II) ions from aqueous solution.Tijani, Jimoh Oladejo; Bankole, Mercy Temitope; Muriana, Musah; Falana, Idowu O