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Title: Design of Water Supply System to Irrigation Farm
Authors: Musa, j. j.
Babawuya, Alkali
Adeoye, P. A.
Keywords: Automated irrigation
Drip irrigation
Visual water tank
Irrigation factor
system analysis
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IUP Publications
Citation: Musa, J. J, Alkali Babawuya, Adeoye P. A. and MICHEAL A. O. (2010), “ Design of Water Supply System to Irrigation Farm” International Journal of Computer Sciences, Indiana University, India, pp(7-12).
Abstract: Water being a limited resource, its efficient use is basic to the survival of the ever-increasing population of the world. In the comprehensive strategy needed for the conservation and development of water resources, several factors are to be kept in view. Water use varies considerably around the world. In Africa, Asia and South America, agriculture is the primary user of underground and surface water. An automated irrigation system that ensures efficient use of available water was designed, i.e., the hardware and software. The software was implemented after the system design using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The software IrrigateSoft2009 is about 10 MB in size and will take about 2 min to set up irrigation activity.
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