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Title: A decomposition approach for magnetohydrodynamics stagnation point flow over an inclined shrinking/stretching sheet with suction/injection
Authors: Yusuf, Abdulhakeem
Bolarin, G
Oguntolu, F.A
Jiya, M
Aiyesimi, Y.M
Keywords: Fluid Dynamics
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Nigerian Society for Mathematical Biology
Citation: A. Yusuf, G. Bolarin, F.A. Oguntolu, M. Jiya and Y.M. Aiyesimi (2019), A Decomposition Approach for Magnetohydrodynamics Stagnation Point Flow Over an Inclined Shrinking/Stretching Sheet with Suction/Injection Journal of the Nigerian Scoiety for Mathematical Biology, Vol 2, pp 124-134
Abstract: In this paper, the approximate solution to Magnetohydrodynamics Stagnation Point Flow over an inclined Shrinking/Stretching Sheet with Suction/injection was analyzed via the Adomian Decomposition. The governing partial differential equations (PDEs) were reduced with the help of similarity variables to non linear coupled ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The effects of various pertinent parameters were presented numerically and graphically. Numerical comparisons were carried out with the existing literature and a good agreement was established. The angle of inclination was found to enhance the velocity profile.
ISSN: 2682 - 5708
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