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Title: Instructional technology application in Nigeria classroom: Challenges and the Way forward
Authors: Aniah, A.
Nsofor, C. C.
Keywords: Classroom Instruction, Challenges, Technology Application, Way Forward
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Publisher: International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research
Citation: Aniah, A. & Nsofor, C. C. (Mrs). (2020). Instructional technology application in Nigeria classroom: Challenges and the Way forward. International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research. 7 (7), 5987 – 5989
Abstract: The paper focused on instructional technology application in Nigeria classroom, challenges and the way forward. Education reforms call for a shift in instructional approach i.e from theory to practice using information, communication and technology platform (ICT) learning environment in the educational system through efficient application of instructional technology. The 21st century education is driven by information and communication technology. Thus, this paper looked at instructional technology media and how they could be effectively utilized in classroom instruction in order to enhance students learning outcomes. It is on this premise that the paper defined technology and its’ application in classroom instruction, it also identified the challenges of application and the way forward. Educational technology is defined in terms of classroom teaching and learning. The paper further suggested some possible ways for improvement in line with the title of the paper. One of such remedy to effective technology application in the classroom was that government should make provision through adequate funding of the sector to facilitate training and retraining of teachers in the latest techniques of instructional technology application in the classroom and also provide stand-by generators to schools in respective of location as source of energy in order to have a stable and uninterrupted operation of technological media during classroom instruction whenever there is power outrage.
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