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Title: Framework for Effective Management of Cultural Diversities in Construction Firms in Nigeria
Authors: Bamgbade, Adebisi Abosede
Jimoh, Richard Ajayi
Oyewobi, Luqman Oyekunle
Anifowose, Maroof
Keywords: Construction firms, Diversity management, Nigerian cultural context, Values, Workers' diversities
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: NABECON
Citation: Bamgbade, A. A., Jimoh, R. A., Oyewobi, L. O. & Anifowose, M. O. (2017). Framework for effective management of cultural diversity in construction firms in Nigeria. In: I. Mbamali (Ed). Proceedings of the National built environment conference (NABECON); Positioning the Construction Industry in Nigeria for National Economic Growth. Faculty of Environmental Design, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 8th-10 November, pp. 7-15
Abstract: Construction firms all over the world have established cultures which have impact on the organisational performances. Harmonising workforce' cultural diversities with the organisation's culture is a milestone that many construction firms have found difficult to achieve. The study covered construction firms in the north-central geographical zone of Nigeria. The study is a desk research aimed at assessing current management framework with a view to identifying and improving the framwork that would best achieve the management of cultural diversities in the Nigerian construction firms. The methodology used is a desk research based on past studies on cultural diversity management framework. Selection of literature was informed through online search engine for existing studies on cultural diversities. The finding reveals that the identified social identities framework in Nigeria, determined by cultural identities was some components different from the established literature framework, neccessitating the extension of the framework to include values which are part of the deeper component of diversities. Values explicate the drive behind the attitude and behaviour display by individuals. It is expected that through it the intrinsic behind the individual subunits, and organisational behaviours will be revealed for better organisational performances, tailored within the Nigeria cultural context. Construction firms should cognizance of the value drive of their workers by paying more attention to their workforce at the value dimension to aid better performances.
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