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Title: A Critical Assessment of Lubrication Techniques in Machining Processes: A Case for Minimum Quantity Lubrication Using Vegetable Oil- Based Lubricant.
Authors: Lawal;, Sunday Albert
Choudhury, Imtiaz Ahmed
Nukman, Yusoff
Keywords: Machining
Vegetable oil
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Journal of Cleaner Production
Citation: 222
Series/Report no.: ;41
Abstract: In this study, a review of the available literature on lubrication techniques during machining processes was conducted. Factors such as workpiece material, tool material and machining conditions were observed to be vital to the performance of any of the techniques. The performance and drawback of each technique were highlighted based on the machining conditions. It concludes by making a case for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) method using vegetable oil-based lubricant in different machining processes, as a way of addressing the environmental health issues and cost associated with the application of lubricant in machining processes
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