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Title: Influence of Cultural Diversity on the Organisational Culture of Construction Firms in Minna
Authors: Bamgbade, Adebisi Abosede
Jimoh, Richard Ajayi
Oyewobi, Luqman Oyekunle
Anifowose, Maroof
Keywords: Construction firm, Culture, Cultural diversity, Organisational culture, Pilot study
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Environmental Technology & Science Journal, ETSJ
Citation: Bamgbade, A.A., Jimoh, R.A., Oyewobi, L.O., & Anifowose, M.O. (2019). Influence of Cultural Diversity on the Organisational Culture of Construction Firms in Minna. ETS Journal FUT, Vol. 10 (1), 47-56
Abstract: Increasing in local and global movement of people from one locality to another has placed a great demand on the management of diverse workforce via the organisational culture in organisations such as Nigerian construction firms. Organisational culture is the unified central system that guides the operations of construction firms, however the interplay of different diversity among workers often obstruct the effectiveness of organisational culture in bringing to bear the anticipated organisational performance. Hence, this paper examined the influence of cultural diversity on the organisational culture of construction firms in Minna through the use of questionnaire survey to elicit data from respondents. The paper reported the pilot study of a larger study. The results showed that all the variables of cultural diversity are negatively correlated with the variables of organisational culture, however, race, age and disability are opportunity policies and provisions. Ethnicity and race have strong negative correlation with organisational culture on recruitment of diverse workers, discrimination policy, and reporting of discrimination. The negative correlations of the cultural diversities with the variables of given attention to by the management. The focus of the construction firms should not only be on the economic aspect so that the benefit of diversity can be fully utilised for a better organisational performance.
ISSN: ISSN: 2006-0459
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