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Title: Design of an Alkaline Fuel Cell
Authors: Mohammed, Alhassan
Garba, M.U.
Keywords: Alkaline
Fuel cell
Issue Date: Jul-2006
Publisher: Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies
Abstract: This paper present the design of an alkaline fuel cell operating between 100- 250oC. Hydrogen was bubbled into one arm while oxygen into the other. A meter was connected between the electrodes which detects the current flowing through. From the analysis of the results, the input and output of the components were 170kh/hr, the enthalpy of hydrogen and oxygen into the cell are 288.98kJ/hr and 147.06kJ/hr while the enthalpy of potassium carbonate and water leaving the cell are - 1.11·106 kJ/hr and - 9.71 x 105 kJ/hr respectively. Other results are the volume of the cell 303.3/0.30 l/m3, power generated 121W and cost of the fuel cell N 158371.04k.
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