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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effect of Computer Simulation and Jigsaw Technique in Teaching Reproductive System in Human in Senior Secondary Schools Minna Metropolis, Niger State.Babagana, M.; Yaki, A. A.; Idris, U. S. B
2018Assessment of Almajirin System of Education: It’s Implication for Child, Family and National Development in Minna Metropolis, Niger State, Nigeria.Babagana, M.; Idris, U. S. B.; Ndagi, M.; Danjuma, A. M.; Abdullahi, M. K.
2020-08Effects of Virtual Laboratory Simulation Package and Demonstration Instructional Strategy on the Achievement of Secondary School Students in Biology.Yaki, A. A.; Babagana, M.; Abubakar, Z.
2016-01Effects of Digital Game-Based Instructional Strategy on Students’ Achievement in Chemical Reactions among Senior Secondary School in Niger State, Nigeria.Chado, A. M.; Gimba, R. W.; Babagana, M.; Yahaya, I. A.
2021-03Impacts of Six-Hats Critical Thinking Skills on the Achievement and Retention in Chemistry Among Secondary School Students in Niger State, Nigeria For Sustainable Development.Chado, A. M.; Wushishi, D. I.; Idris, A. O.; Babagana, M.
2016-04Technology Instructional Package Mediated Instruction and Senior Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance in Biology Concepts.Yaki, A. A.; Babagana, M.
2020Survey on Social Media Network Participation, Impact on Biology Students’ Performance in Senior Secondary Schools in Minna Metropolis, Niger State, Nigeria.Katcha, M. A.; Babagana, M.; Ndagi, M.; Jibril, M. N.; Danjuma, A. M.
2019Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education in Nigeria: Status, Challenges and Opportunities.Katcha, M. A.; Babagana, M.
2009A Study of Usage of Research Information on Modern Teaching Techniques among Secondary School Biology Teachers.Babagana, M.
2010A Comparative Investigation into the Prospects and Problems of Secondary School Science Delivery in Niger State and the Federal Capital Territory (F.C.T) Abuja.Babagana, M.; Aworonye, L. N.