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Title: Evaluation of Refractory Properties of Selected Clay Samples from Sokoto State, North West Nigeria
Authors: Agbajelola, D. O.
Musa, U.
Mohammed, I. A.
Abbas, B. A
Suleiman, B.
Kure, A.
Keywords: Refractories
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education (JOSTMED)
Abstract: The study presents the characterization of the refractory properties of some selected clay deposit from Sokoto state in Nigeria. Characterization of the clay was carried out to determine its physical properties and chemical composition. the result of the analysis shows that the clay sample were of highly silica content with Wammako and Illela having a composition of 54.27 and 58.31%. the clay's were also found to have moderate alumina content of 23.57 and 27% respectively and low ferrous oxide content(less the 3%). It also possess very low contents of other oxides. the low iron content gives the clay rather whitish appearances. suggesting its suitability for paint, chalk, and earthenware manufacturing. All the clay samples had refractoriness above 15000C establishing the potential for handling of ferrous material and lining of furnace wall. the thermal shock resistances within the range of 23 and 26 cycle. Wammako and Illela clay sample further establish their suitability for use as fire clay refractory's. the clay samples investigated have quality characteristics for their potential application in the production of floor tiles, fire refractory bricks, paint, chalk, and earthenware manufacturing
ISSN: 0748-4710
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