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Title: Integration of Apprenticeship Scheme into NCE (Technical) Curriculum Programme Towards Self-Reliance in the 21st Century
Authors: Dopemu, O.A.
Jiya, U.I.
Idris, A.M.
Audu, R.
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2019
Publisher: School of Science and Technology Education Federal University of Technology Minna Okezzy Production Concepts.
Citation: Dopemu, O. A., Jiya, U. M., Idris A. M. & Audu, R. (2019). Integration of Apprenticeship Scheme into NCE (Technical) Curriculum Programme Towards Self-Reliance in the 21st Century. In B. N. Atsumbe, A.I. Gambari, C. S. Gana, I. Y. Umar, F. C. Okoli, C. S. Tukura, Eta ‘l. (Eds). Curriculum Issues in Science and Technology Education in the 21st Century. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, School of Science and Technology Education, Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State. Held at CPES Complex, Bosso Campus. From 1st – 5th 2019. Okezzy Production Concepts. 216-223.
Abstract: This paper examined how to integrate apprenticeship scheme into the NCE (Technic al) curriculum programme towards the positive realization of self ­ reliance by its graduates in the 21st Century. The paper exposed the failure of the current TVET programmes in creating employment and wealth creators against seekers of white collar jobs as well as mentioned the unemployment alarming rates amongst our youths. This paper also explains the efforts of the National Directorate on Employment with its seven folds of employment plan which in no doubt failed woefully. This paper is therefore of the view that apprenticeship scheme be integrated into the NCE (Technical) Programme through its curriculum reform drawing from the experiences of priority placed on app renticeship scheme by developed countries who saw this as a bedrock for industrial and economic revolution some centuries ago. To this end, the paper recommended seven points that can lead to curriculum reforms providing for one full year practical Apprenticeship Scheme training in industries in the second year of the NCE programme while the first and third year be devoted to academic, teaching practice, project work and essential certifications.
Description: Conference Proceedings
ISBN: 979-978-52341-0-7
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