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Title: Assessment of Effects of Automobile Vehicle Emission in Environmental Pollution in Abuja Metropolis
Authors: Audu, R.
Saidu, A.A.
El-mahmud, M.
Ubochi, V.
Keywords: Automobile Vehicles
Automobile Vehicle Emission
Environmental Pollution
Climate Change
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: Department of Industrial and Technology Education, School of Science and Technology Education, Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria
Citation: Audu, R., Arah, S.A., S.. Elmahmud, M., Adedokun, D. & Ubochi, V.(2018). Assessment of the Effects of Automobile Emission in Abuja Metropolis. International Journal of Industrial Technology, Engineering, Science and Education. 1(2), 63-69.
Abstract: The study assessed the effects of automobile vehicle emission in environmental pollution in Abuja metropolis. The respondents of this study consists of 100 automobile vehicle owners resident in Abuja metropolis and 50 residential occupants selected using convenient sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data for the study. Cronbach Alpha statistics was utilized to determine the reliability coefficient of the instrument which yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.78. Based on the findings conclusions were drawn and recommendations made amongst which are that; Government agencies concerned with automobile vehicle regulations must ensure that all vehicles regardless of type must pass the vehicle inspection and maintenance tests. The government should provide reliable and effective mass transit systems to reduce traffic congestion thereby reducing emission of harmful air pollutants to the environment, also there is need for proper road network and traffic management systems to reduce idling period for automobile vehicles on the road among others.
ISSN: 2682-6569
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