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Title: Effect of surface runoff on Nigerian rural roads (a case study of Offa local government area)
Authors: Musa, John Jiya
Abdulwaheed, Salman
Saidu, Mohammed
Keywords: Drainage
Farm Produce
rural roads
regression analysis.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: AU Journal of Technology
Abstract: Runoff occurs only when the rate of precipitation exceeds the rate at which water infiltrates into the soil. As watershed is urbanized, much of the vegetation is replaced by impervious surface, thus reducing the area where infiltration to ground water can occur. The Investigation Survey Research Approach (ISRA) method was used, which includes questionnaire, oral interview and the information obtained from books, pamphlets and journals. It was observed for parameters from β0 to β10 that 60% of β values where less than 0.05 while the remaining 40% had values greater than 0.05.
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