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Title: Regeneration of used engine oil
Authors: Isah, Abubakar
Abdulkadir, Mukhtar
Onifade, Kolawole
Musa, Umar
Umar, Garba
Bawa, Aisha
Sani, Yahaya
Keywords: Activated carbon
Engine oil
Industrial bleaching earth
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Publisher: Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science, World Congress on Engineering, WCE 2013, London, 3 July 2013 - 5 July 2013
Citation: 3
Abstract: This work presents the result on the regeneration of used engine oil using industrial bleaching earth and activated carbon as the bleaching agents. The used oil undergoes acidification and bleaching steps to remove the aromatic content and to improve the colour and quality of the oil. Analysis carried out showed that when the formulated grades were compared with standard grade (fresh oil). Formulation A showed a better quality of regenerated oil amongst the different grades formulated with a viscosity of 53.16 cP at 40°C, specific gravity of 0.932 and total acid number of 0.54 using industrial bleaching earth. On the other hand, formulation E gave a fair quality using activated carbon with a viscosity of 40.41 cP at 40°C, specific gravity of 0.883 and total acid number of 0.59.
ISSN: 20780958
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