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Title: Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Tractor Drawn Soybean Planter.
Authors: Agidi, Gbabo
Andrew, I.
Simeon, Meshack Imologie
Keywords: Design
furrow opener
germination efficiency
soybean planter
tractor drawn
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: FUW Trends in Science & Technology Journal
Citation: Agidi Gbabo, I. Andrew and M. I. Simeon. Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Tractor Drawn Soybean Planter. FUW Trends in Science & Technology Journal Vol. 2 No. 1B 2017 pp. 562 – 568
Abstract: A tractor-drawn Soybean drum planter was designed, fabricated and tested in the DESFABENG Company Limited, Bida, Niger State. The project was undertaken due to the fact that most of the imported planters usually have maintenance and repair problems in addition to high costs of procurement that are not affordable to an average farmer. The major components of the developed planter are three drums with predetermined hole sizes at the exterior ends, a central rectangular shaft, spring soil openers, roller soil coverers, tractor hitching points, two wheels and power transmission mechanism and frame. All these components were fabricated with locally available materials. Using three test speeds, the planter was preliminarily assessed for seed rate, soil opening, covering and germination efficiencies. Results obtained indicate that desirable seed rate values of 47.7 and 61.2 kg/ha were observed for tractor/implement speeds of 20 and 16 km/hr, respectively. The highest germination efficiency of the planter was 81.3% at tractor/implement speed of 16 km/hr with corresponding soil opening efficiency of 94%.
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