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Title: Organotin applications and environmental toxicity
Authors: Salihu, Simon Olonkwoh
Keywords: Organotin, Toxicity, Environmental, Application
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2016
Publisher: Elixir
Citation: Abidemi Iyewumi Oloyede-Akinsulere et al./ Elixir Appl. Chem. 90 (2016) 37738-37753
Abstract: Organotin compounds have attracted global attention due to their extensive use for agricultural, industrial, medicinal, and domestic applications. These applications have made them enter the environment. This has caused environmental concerns due to the proven toxicological relevance of the compounds. Their toxic effects result in extensive damage to non-target organisms at ultratrace concentration levels (ppt) and accumulation in sediments and biota. This leads to the legislative restriction place on the uses of some of these compounds. Despite the legislative restriction, their environmental pollutions continue. Hence, this review which is aimed at providing an overview of the application of organotin compounds and their environmental toxicities.
Description: The authors thank Organization of Women in Science in Developing World for the research fellowship granted to A.I. Oloyede-Akinsulere, to study in University of Malaya. Also, the authors acknowledge the management of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Nigeria for granting A.I. Oloyede-Akinsulere, a study leave
ISSN: 2229-712x
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