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Title: The Role of Women Empowerment in Educational Development in Nigeria.
Authors: Alabi, T. O.
Nsofor, C. C.
Omoniyi, J. O.
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Sokoto Educational Review
Citation: Alabi, T. O.; Nsofor, C. C. & Omoniyi, J. O. (2012). The Role of Women Empowerment in Educational Development in Nigeria. Sokoto Educational Review. 13 (1) 149-255
Series/Report no.: 13/1;149-255
Abstract: This paper examines women empowerment and implications for educational development. In doing so women empowerment is defined as giving women the power or more power to act or do things, which they could not do before now. This paper looks at the various needs for women empowerment, economic, social and the political empowerment they can achieve using education as a means. It also sees the implication of women empowerment for educational development in terms of more children being able to go to school as the women can now afford to finance their education; support educational programme and projects by providing manpower, giving moral and financial/material support. Finally, the paper recommends measures which can bring about the achievement of women empowerment and educational development.
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