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Title: 21st Century Global Challenges in Education: Implications for Sustainable Development
Keywords: ICT, Mediated Instruction, History
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: School of Science and Technology Education, Federal University of Technology Minna
Abstract: This study investigated the effect of gender on the use of computer in the teaching learning process andU effect on the academic performance of students in history. It was a quasi-experimental study and use a pre-test design. The experimental group was taught the slave trade as a topic in history with computer while the control group was thought without computer. Two research questions and two null hypotheses guided the study. One researcher-made instrument of 20 item multiple choice questions was used for both pre-test and post-test. Data collected was analyzed using mean score and t-test. Result show that gender had no significant effect on the use of computer as shown by the performance of the boys and girls. However, the use of computer in the teaching improved the academic performance of the students when exposed to ICT-Mediated Instruction
ISSN: 979 - 978 - 52341 - 0 - 7
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