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Authors: Alemede, E. T.
Mohammed, Bala Banki
Keywords: Cement
Host community
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Certified Geographers of Nigeria
Abstract: Environmental pollution resulting from manufacturing activities is a major issue of concern, because of its intense health effects. One manufacturing industry which has increased production as a result of technological advancement, in the last one decade is the cement industry. This has led to discharge of waste into the environment. Little concern for host communities’ exposure to waste from cement industries and its attendant effect on the host communities of the manufacturing companies particularly, the Obajana Cement Factory created the need for this thorough study. This study investigated effects of environmental pollution on host community of Obajana Cement Factory; the types of waste discharged into the environment as well as effects of these wastes on the environment and residents. The investigation of certain environmental parameters such as air, soil and water were carried out in different locations within the host community. Air, water and soil quality were measured using Air/Water/soil testing meter. The results showed that the air quality in some of the locations exceeded the acceptable limits set by Federal Ministry of Environment and World Health Organization. Results also showed a long term duration effect on the health of residents which could be associated to cement dust. This study highlighted the need for continuous cement dust environmental monitoring, harnessing appropriate technology for use in the cement industry would help minimize pollution.
ISSN: ISBN: 978-978-929-544-9
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