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Title: Assessment of Workshop Facilities in Mechanical Engineering Trade Programmes in North Central States, Nigeria
Authors: Audu, R.
Umar, I.Y.
Atsumbe, B.N.
Maaji, S.A.
Adedokunn, D.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering Trades,
Technical Colleges
Technical Vocational Education and Training
Workshop Facilities
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: School of and Technology Education, Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria
Citation: Audu, R., Umar, I.Y., Atsumbe, B.N., Ma’aji, S.A. & Adedokun, D. (2020). Assessment of Workshop Facilities in Mechanical Engineering Trade Programmes in North Central States, Nigeria. Journal of Information, Education, Science and Technology. 6(1), 34-40.
Abstract: This study was designed to assess workshop facilities in mechanical engineering trade programme in technical colleges in North Central States, Nigeria. Two research questions guided the study. A descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The study was conducted in all the technical colleges in North Central State, Nigeria. A total population of 113 respondents which consist of 45 Motor Vehicle Mechanics Work (MVMW) teachers, 25 Welding and Fabrication Craft Practice (WFCP) teachers, 28 MVMW instructors and 15 WFCP instructors were used for the study. A 77 items structured questionnaire designed by the researchers and validated by one expert from Industrial Technology Education Department, Federal University of Technology Minna and two experts from Department of Vocational and Technology Education Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria was used for data collection for the study. Cronbach alpha statistics was used to determine the internal consistency of the instrument and the overall reliability coefficient of the instrument yielded 0.74. The data collected for the study was analysed using mean and percentage. Mean and percentage were used for answering the research questions. The findings of the study revealed that that basic motor vehicle mechanics hand tools are adequate, whereas, general servicing, reconditioning tools and other equipment are not adequate, the result of the instrument machinery shows that all the items are not adequate. Based on the findings the following recommendations were made among others that government at both federal and state level should provide adequate funds for the purchase of workshop tools, equipment and other machineries especially in mechanical engineering related programmes, the industries should also assist technical colleges in the provision of workshop tools, equipment and other machineries
ISSN: 2360-8846
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