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Title: Internal Combustion Engines: Theory and Calculations
Authors: Audu, R.
Arah, A.S.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: : University Press limited Usman Danfodiyo University.Sokoto
Citation: Audu, R. & Arah A. S. (2020) . Internal Combustion Engines Theory and Calculations. Sokoto: University Press limited Usman Danfodiyo University. ISBN: 978-978-982-305-2
Description: PREFACE Textbook plays an important role in teaching and learning especially in Automobile Technology Education. It represents a useful resource for both teachers and learners. The scarcity of Automobile Technology textbooks to satisfy the educational needs and demands of Nigerian students posed a serious threat to the teaching and learning. Professional teaching experiences attributed the shortage of textbooks on Automobile Technology to the shortage of Nigerian authors to address the challenge. This, combined with the need to encourage local authorship among teachers in the field of Automobile Technology spurred the development of Internal Combustion Engines: Theory and Calculations. The book contains six chapters that covers Internal Combustion Engines, Components of Internal Combustion Engines, Two and Four Stroke Cycle Engines, Engine Terminologies, Engine Torque, Power and Efficiencies and Engine Testing. Each chapter is accompanied by a series of multiple items questions as exercise to measure students’ understanding of the contents discussed in the book. It is believed that, the contents of this book will be of significant assistance to both teachers and students of Automobile Technology in understanding the theory and calculations on internal combustion engines.
ISBN: 978-978-982-305-2
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