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Title: Effects of Water Table Fluctuations on Peatland-A Review
Authors: ADESIJI, Richard
ADEOYE, Peter Aderemi
GBADEBO, OLukemi Anthonia
Keywords: Groundwater table
climate change
peatland degradation
Issue Date: 24-Aug-2014
Publisher: Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET) Sch. J. Eng. Tech., 2014; 2(3C):482-487
Abstract: The negative influence of global warming has really influenced the need for most of the studies on climate related studies today. Emission of carbon and some other greenhouse gases has been seen as the most factors influencing the global warming, and the task so far has been how to limit the emission of these gases in order to reduce the risk of global warming. Peatland has been identified as the largest source of these gases as it stores about 220 – 460 pg of carbon apart from other trace gases like CO2, N20, and NO. With this knowledge, various studies are being carried out to study the potentials of peatlands regarding the budgeting of these gases and the factors responsible for their loss from the peatlands. One of the major factors that have been identified is the fluctuation in groundwater level among many others which has been given serious attention since discovery. This review paper then tends to look at various works that have earlier been done in this regard and look for the converging results of interest in all the studies and the solutions proffered to this menace so as to forestall the future occurrence.
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