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Title: Effective Implementation of Technical Vocational Education: As an Instrument for Sustainable Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria. International
Authors: Audu, R.
Yusri, B.K.
Farhad, B.
Keywords: Technical Vocational Education
Poverty Alleviation
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Abstract: The rising profile of poverty in Nigeria is assuming an alarming dimension. It is amazing to note that various poverty alleviation programs has been launched by the government, but the impact of such initiatives leaves much to be desired. The paper highlights on the concepts of Technical Vocational Education (TVE), poverty and the level of poverty in Nigeria. Various poverty alleviation initiative programs and best practices of TVE in the world were discussed. Conclusions were drawn and recommendations made amongst which are: that the government should provide power and other infrastructural facilities so as to encourage the growth and development of small and medium scale enterprises who more often than not are the employer of graduates of TVE institutions thereby creating jobs and reducing poverty in the society and the graduates of the programs should be encouraged to be self-employed by assisting them with soft loans and/or micro credit, in order to achieve the expected outcome of employment creation and poverty eradication in Nigeria.
ISSN: 2249-5894
Appears in Collections:Industrial and Technology Education

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