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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Farmers adoption of improved techniques of sweet potato production in Niger State, Nigeria.Tsado, J. H.; Ojo, M. A.; Yisa, E. S.; Ajayi, O. J.; Agbo, J.
2013Non-parametric analysis of production efficiency of poultry egg farmers in Delta State, NigeriaOjo, M. A.; Ojo, A. O.; Jirgi, A. J.; Ajayi, O. J.
2013Utilization of certified seeds among smallholder rice farmers in Lavun Local Government Area of Niger State, NigeriaTsado, J. H.; Adeniji, O. B.; Opute, B.; Ajayi, O. J.
2017Information and Training needs of fish farmers in some selected Local Government Areas of Edo State, Nigeria.Ajayi, O. J.; Muhammed, Y.; Tsado, J. H.; Kadiri, M. B.
2014Effect of extension contact on maize production in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State, NigeriaAjayi, O. J.; Yisa, E. S.; Muhammed, Y.; Austin, M. U.; Jibrin, S.; Tsado, J. H.
2017Agricultural informational system and communication networks; The case of poultry farmers in the Federal Capital Territory AbujaTsado, J. H.; Ajayi, O. J.; Fatoki, P.; Muhammed, H. U.; Mercy, O.
2014Impact of training the trainers’ programme on rice farmers income and welfare in North Central, Nigeria.Tsado, J. H.; Ojo, M. A.; Ajayi, O. J.
2016Factors affecting the adoption of upland New Rice for Africa (NERICA) varieties in Agricultural Zone 1 of Niger State, NigeriaTsado, J. H.; Ajayi, O. J.; David, T. G.
2015Effect and constraints associated with ICT use by yam farmers in Benue state, Nigeria.Tsado, J. H.; Ibrahim, M.; Ajayi, O. J.; Faloki, P.; Momo, J.
2020Climate change adaptation strategies among groundnut farmers in Suleja LGA of Niger State, Nigeria.Ajayi, O. J.; Muhammed, Y.; Yusuf, L. T.; Ajibola, R. T.