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Title: Effect of machine parameters on physical and sensory properties (desirability) of coated peanut snacks
Authors: Adebayo, Segun Emmanuel
Shuaib, S
Saibu, B. A
Tiamiyu, Q. O
Keywords: Coating
machine speed
tilt angle
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Pan African Society for Agricultural Engineering
Abstract: Peanut coating is an important step in peanut burger production. Understanding the dynamic process of coating can better set up coating parameters and improve coating. In order to improve poor coating quality and high breakage rate of peanut seeds caused by unreasonable machine parameters of coating equipment. The combined effect of machine speed and the angle of tilt of coating pan was studied. From the result obtained, it was observed that the desirability of the coating increases with increase in speed from 25 to 31 rpm and then start to decrease when the speed was further increased from 32 to 45 rpm. However, the desirability remains constant as the tilt angle was increased from 25 to 30o and start to increase with further increase in tilt angle from 30 to 35o. The highest desirability of 93.2% was obtained when the speed was 30.76 rpm and the tilt angle is 35.00°. It was discovered that machine parameters affect the desirability of peanut burger snacks by the consuming consumers.
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