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Title: Relationship between Secondary School Science Teachers' Teaching Experience and Students' Performance in Minna, Niger State.
Authors: Suleiman, U. T.
Hassan, A. A.
Koroka, M. U. S.
Chado, A. M.
Gimba, R. W.
Keywords: Examination
Science Students
Science Teachers
Secondary School
Teaching Experience
Issue Date: Feb-2024
Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research Archive (IJSRA)
Citation: Suleiman, U. T, Hassan, A. A, Koroka, M. U. S*, Chado, A. M & Gimba R. W (2024). Relationship between secondary school science teachers’ teaching experience and students’ performance in Minna, Niger state. International Journal of Science and Research Archive (IJSRA), 11 (02), 1132–1137
Abstract: The study was conducted to determine the relationship between Secondary School Science Teachers’ Teaching Experience and Students’ Performance in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. Secondary school Science teachers and students used for this study are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics teachers and students. The study was guided by one research question and a corresponding hypothesis. Correlational research design was used for the study. A total of one hundred and twenty three (123) Science teachers and three hundred and eighty five (385) Science students made up the sample size of the study. Instrument used for data collection from Science teachers is a Likert type questionnaire designed by the researchers and titled “Questionnaire on Science Teachers’ Teaching Experience (QUSTTE)” The instrument was validated by experts and its reliability coefficient was also determined to be 0.72 using Cranach Alpha statistical tool. Data collected from Science teachers was correlated with SSIII Science students’ Mock examination result conducted by Niger State Ministry of Education (NSMOE) during 2022/2023 academic session to establish a relationship. Findings of the study revealed a positive relationship between Science teachers’ teaching experience and students’ performance. Based on this finding, it was recommended that Science teachers’ teaching experience should be one of the major criterions to be considered by the government during recruitment of Science teachers. In addition, Government should intermittently expose Science teachers to training and retraining programs through seminars, conferences and workshops so as to improve their mastery of their respective subject areas as well as their teaching experience.
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