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Title: Modeling Societal Norms as Antecedent to Students’ Behavioural Intention towards Academic Dishonesty in a Nigerian University
Authors: Shittu, A. T.
Yusuf, H.
Taiwo, T. M.
Bello, M. R.
Keywords: Subjective Norm; Behavioural Intention; Academic Dishonesty, Group norm; Awareness of consequences
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Series/Report no.: 9;3
Abstract: This study set to model societal norms as antecedent to students’ behavioural intention towards academic dishonesty in a Nigerian University The study adopted a cross-sectional survey design method to collect the data of the study. The study sample comprise one hundred and eighty-two (182) students. The instrument of the study was adopted and re-subjected for validity and reliability test. The study comprises four variables and the reliability computed on each of these variables with Cronbach Alpha showed a coefficient of .70 to .91 alpha value. The data of the study was subjected to construct, convergent and discriminant validity. Six hypotheses were formulated for the study. Four out of it were tested through structural equation model (SEM) with AMOS software 21 version while the remaining two were subjected to t-Test analysis. The result of the study showed that two variables (Subjective norm; and Group norm) all together statistically influence student behavioural intention towards academic dishonesty. Subjective norm stands to be the strongest factor influencing student behavioural intention towards academic dishonesty. Surprisingly, awareness of consequences revealed a negative and a weak effect on student behavioural intention towards academic dishonesty. The study also revealed that there is no significant difference between male and female student behavioural intention towards academic dishonesty. The result of this study has brought to fore the strength of subjective norm on student ethical behavior. The study therefore suggests a robust curriculum to address course on academic dishonesty behavior at every level of higher education among others.
Description: National Journal Article
ISSN: 2277-0011
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