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Title: Quality Assurance in Technical Vocational Education for Sustainable National Development in the 21st Century.
Authors: Audu, R.
Maaji, S.A
Idris, A.
Keywords: Quality Assurance
Technical Vocational Education
Sustainable Development
21st Century
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2013
Publisher: International Organization of Scientific Research
Citation: Audu, R., Maaji, S.A. & Idris, A. (2013). Quality Assurance in Technical Vocational Education for Sustainable National Development in the 21st Century. International Organization of Scientific Research Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. 9(1), 42-48. Accessed at:
Series/Report no.: 9(1), 42-48.;
Abstract: The need for TVE is increasing as a result of so many factors: technological advancement, globalization process, knowledge economy, changes in modes of production in the work place, growing economic openness and competitiveness. TVE is very vital to the sustenance of technological development of every nation in the present 21st century. For Nigeria to become developed greater emphasis must be placed on technology education in order to improve on its quality for sustainable national development. This paper discussed extensively on quality assuranceon TVE for sustainable national development in the 21st century. The paper highlights on the concept of TVE and discusses on the status of TVE in Nigeria. Issues on sustainable development and rationale for enhancing the quality of TVE in Nigeria in the 21st century were explained. Conclusions were drawn and recommendations made amongst which are that: Government should introduce sustainable financing scheme for TVE and increase the percentage of total expenditure on education to TVE and also grant financial aids to trainees who are interested in pursuing TVE programs at whatever level and also the involvement of major Nigerian stakeholders in the provision of workshop tools, equipment and other infrastructural facilities for TVE graduates skills acquisition for sustainable national development
ISSN: 2278-1684
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