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Title: The Architect's Contribution towards the Development of Sustainable Cities in Nigeria
Authors: Muhammad, Isa Bala
Keywords: Architects
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Environmental Technology and Science Journal
Abstract: The quality of life in cities is found to be gradually declining as a result of the immense human interaction with the natural environment. One of the eminent factors that is contributing to the decline in the quality of life in the cities is the effect of building construction activities. These development collectively affect the efficiency of not just the immediate environment but the city as a whole. Sustainable development however encourages developments that have the most minimal impact on the environment. This implies that the architect on whose blue print other professionals rely on in the development of these buildings will require to put into consideration a sustainable strategy towards reducing the impact of buildings on the environment. The choice of building material and the reliance on the mechanical cooling equipment especially in the tropical climate which is found in Nigeria will need to be reduced so as to trim down the green gas effect in the cities. The concept of sustainable development once put into consideration at the design stage by the architects, will go a long way into making the cities a better place to live and work in. this paper highlights the strategies that can be explored through the choice appropriate building material, choice of sources of energy and water conservation in buildings towards the attainment of sustainable cities in developing economy of Nigeria
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