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Title: Comparative Analysis of the Accuracy of Forensic Results obtained from Window and Android Platforms
Authors: Alhassan, John K.
Abdulazeez, Hassan T.
Ahmad, Suleiman
Abdulhamid, Shafi'i Muhammad
Adebayo, Olawale S.
Keywords: Forensic Analysis,
Mobile Phones,
Andriod Platforms,
Windows Platforms,
Issue Date: 17-Oct-2017
Publisher: International Engineering Conference (IEC 2017)
Citation: John K Alhassan, Hassan T Abdulazeez, Suleiman Ahmad Shafi'i Muhammad Abdulhamid, Olawale S Adebayo (2017) Comparative Analysis of the Accuracy of Forensic Results obtained from Window and Android Platforms. International E n g i n e e r i n g Conference (IEC 2017), Federal University of Minna, Nigeria. Year: October 17 – 19, 2017 - 2010 Page: 140-177
Series/Report no.: ;Page: 140-177
Abstract: The rapid rate of technology advancement cannot be left unnoticed especially when it comes to the ICT sector. Ironically, this has also brought about an increase in cybercrime worldwide, thus forensic agencies and analysts are constantly on the move to investigate and acquire evidences at various crime scenes. Amongst all digital devices relating to forensic analysis, mobile phones are one of the most troublesome. Acquiring, decoding and presenting information resident in mobile device is a complex and challenging process. Several tools and methods both commercial and open source have been and are being developed to ensure authenticity and integrity in mobile forensic investigation and evidence acquisition. However, the level of result accuracy of these tools based on the mobile platform must be understood before even employing them in an investigation process. This paper examines the Android and Windows phone platform comparing the accuracy level of information extracted.
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