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Title: Effect of Chemical Fertilizers on Groundwater Quality in an Unconfined Aquifer
Authors: Onwe, O. H.
Adesiji, A. R.
Agbese, E. O.
Keywords: Fertilizers
Unconfined aquifer
Water Pollution
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Onwe, O. H., Adesiji, A. R., and Agbese, E. O. (2020). Effects of Chemical Fertilizers on Groundwater Quality in an Unconfined Aquifer. 2nd International Civil Engineering Conference (ICEC 2020). Pp 208-212
Abstract: The use of fertilizer on soil in order to improve agricultural yield has been practiced for years. While fertilizers and manures greatly improve crop yield, it is also important to consider the corresponding and devastating effects. In this study, the fertilizers application rate was varied and their effects on groundwater quality with soil depths of 30 cm and 60 cm was observed. Two fabricated lysimeters was used to collect soil samples undisturbed and taken to the laboratory for analyses. The samples in the lysimeters was made saturated and varying quantities of fertilizers from 87.37 g and 100 g were applied. The saturation of the samples was done through an improvised rainfall simulator which was set up in such as a way that a constant discharge was adopted. Water samples were collected at 30 cm and 60 cm depths and analyzed for fertilizer residues and physico-chemical characteristics such as temperature, pH, total chloride, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, free ammonia, total phosphate, urea, zinc and iron. The results showed that the more the quantities of fertilizers applied on the soil, the more it affects the physico-chemical properties of the water and renders it toxic and unsuitable for drinking purposes except treated. The results, however revealed that the concentrations of the fertilizers in the groundwater decreases with soil depths
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