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Title: Performance Evaluation of Moringa Oleifera as Coagulant for Abattoir Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Adesiji, A. R.
Hassan, M.
Odekunle, M. O.
Adeyemo, B. G.
Yaba, T.
Mangey, J. A.
Keywords: Moringa Oleifera
dissolved oxygen
biological oxygen demand
Issue Date: 16-Aug-2023
Publisher: Department of Agriculture and Food Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Citation: Adesiji A. R, Hassan M., Odekunle, M. O., Adeyemo, B. G. Yaba, T., and Mangey J. A. (2023). Performance Evaluation of Moringa Oleifera as Coagulant for Abattoir Wastewater Treatment. The 6th International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering (CAFEi2023)
Abstract: Indiscriminate disposal of wastewater from abattoir exert significant and adverse effects on the surface water and public health. Thus, in this paper, raw powdered Moringa Oleifera seeds was used as coagulant for the treatment of 40 litres of abattoir wastewater for a period of ten (10) weeks. Completely randomized design with loading dosages of 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20g of processed Moringa Oleifera seeds was used in the treatment. A control (wastewater from abattoir with no Moringa Oleifera treatment) was also included. Physical and chemical properties of abattoir wastewater were investigated before and after treatment. The results showed that the turbidity value reduced drastically on the treatments from, 15.40 to 7.63 mg/l for 16g dosage in week 7. Total alkalinity was reduced from 216.67 mg/l to the lowest value at 63.67 mg/l for 20g treatment in the 1st week. Total hardness was reduced from 116.33 to 78.40 mg/l at 14g Moringa Oleifera dosage; conductivity was reduced from 1395.7 to 520 mg/l for 14g Moringa Oleifera dosage just within the first week. BOD was found to be zero from weeks 2 to 6. The Calcium value was reduced from 31.47 in week 1 to 6.23 mg/l for 14g treatment in the 5th week. The results generally showed that 16g/500ml of Moringa Oleifera was able to treat abattoir wastewater and thus confirm the coagulating ability of M. Oleifera for abattoir wastewater treatment. The extract doses used in the study do not impart odour or colour to the treated wastewater.
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