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Authors: Zubairu, Mustafa
Dauda, Solomon Musa
Balami, Ayuba Audu
Gbabo, Agidi
Mohammed, Ibrahim Shaba
Aliyu, Mohammed
Keywords: Dehusking – Shelling Efficiency
Ground Maize
Animal Feeds
Grounding Efficiency
Cleaning Efficiency
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Nigeria Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Citation: Zubairu et al. (2023)
Abstract: The major steps in the processing of maize for industrial and human use involves various operations such as dehusking, shelling, cleaning, and grinding. These operations are mostly done manually or the use of a single machine for each operation. Hence, this study focused on design, fabrication, and evaluation of the performance of a maize processing machine that would integrate dehusking, shelling, cleaning, and grinding processes. The effect of machine speeds (600 to 1000 rpm), feed rates (40 to 50 kg/h), and concave clearances (40 to 50 mm) on dehusking-shelling efficiency, cleaning efficiency, and grinding efficiency were evaluated. The results showed that the maximum dehusking-shelling efficiency, cleaning efficiency, and grinding efficiencies of 68%, 98%, and 78%, respectively were achieved at a feed rate of 45 kg/h, concave clearance of 50 mm, and machine speed of 1000 rpm. The developed machine will help to reduce the labour-intensive tasks of manual maize processing and cost of procuring or maintaining different processing machines for dehusking, shelling, cleaning, grinding processes.
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