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Title: Assessment of the Hydrological Characteristics of Shiroro Dam, Nigeria
Authors: Adesina, E. A
Musa, A
Onuigbo, I. C
Adesiji, A. R.
Keywords: Shiroro Dam
hydrological parameters
Issue Date: 6-Feb-2023
Citation: Adesina E. A., Musa A., Onuigbo, I.C., & Adesiji, A. R. (2023). Assessment of the Hydrological Characteristics of Shiroro Dam, Nigeria. The 4th School of Environmental International Conference (SETIC2023) Pp 115-122
Abstract: Flooding in recent times has been linked to various hydrological characteristics that are associated with dams and their surrounding features, some of which are outflow, inflow, rainfall, temperature, and water elevation, among others. Although its causes have been traced to both natural and human-induced factors, it is also important to investigate the various hydrological characteristics of dams to understand and manage flooding. The relationship between these features has a great effect on the amount of outflow, which in turn relates to the flooding of communities downstream. This study seeks to assess and analyse the impact of inflow, rainfall, temperature, and water level on the outflow of water from the dam. This impact was evaluated using statistical techniques such as time series, correlation, and regression analysis. The result shows that outflow in dams has a positive correlation of 0.280738, 0.873933, 0.148858, and 0.55576 with rainfall, inflow, temperature, and water elevation, respectively. Water inflow and elevation thus have a greater influence on water outflow; R2 values show that inflow can predict 76.4% of the volume of outflow while temperature has the lowest value of 0.22%. More study of the factors that influence inflows has been recommended, as has the forecast of future outflows and output.
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