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Title: Design of Photo-Voltaic Array and Battery Bank Sizes For A Solar-Powered Intelligent Drip Irrigation System In Mokwa
Authors: Jibril, I
Adeoye, P. A.
Olorunsogo, S. T.
Zubair, S.
Adesiji, A. R.
Keywords: Battery bank
Charge controller
Drip Irrigation
Photo-Voltaic Cell
Issue Date: Dec-2023
Citation: Jibril, I, Adeoye, P. A., Olorunsogo, S. T., Zubair, S., & Adesiji, A. R. (2023). Design of Photo-Voltaic Array and Battery Bank Sizes For A Solar-Powered Intelligent Drip Irrigation System In Mokwa. Nigeria Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (NJEAS). 5(2): pp 43-49
Abstract: The finite nature of fossil fuel, its high cost, environmental unfriendliness as well as the world politics is creating a shift towards renewable energy sources, solar energy inclusive. This research paper presents the design of a photo-voltaic array and battery bank capacity for a solar-powered intelligent drip irrigation system in Mokwa, Nigeria. The system was designed to serve an experimental field where eggplants and tomatoes are to be grown. Main items in the Internet of Things (IoT) include an irrigation pump, solenoid valves, soil moisture and temperature sensing devices, micro-controllers on arduino boards and a gateway. Result obtained revealed that load by the Pump, Arduino boards and the Solenoid valves were 1072.8 Whr, 1440 Whr and 483.84 Whr, respectively. The total load on the entire system was determined to be 2996.64 Whr/day. Based on the designed load, a total of 3 photo-voltaic arrays (solar panels) of 200 W rating and 2 deep cycle batteries of 249.72 Ah capacity were found suitable. It is therefore recommended that the design specifications be strictly followed during installations.
ISSN: 2465-7425
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