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Title: Factors Influencing Maize Farmers’ Attitudes towards Adoption of Organic Farming Practices in Niger State, Nigeria
Authors: Salihu, I T.
Abdullahi, A
Ibrahim, M.
Tsado, J.H
Umar, I.S
Keywords: Maize
Farming Practices
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: Organic Conference
Abstract: The study assessed the factors influencing maize farmers’ attitudes towards adoption of organic farming practices in Niger State. The specific objectives includes examining the adoption level of organic farming practices, assessing farmers’ attitudes towards organic farming practices and determining factors influencing farmers’ attitudes towards adoption of organic farming practices. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 222 maize farmers. Data collected through structured questionnaire/interview schedule were analysed using frequency count, means, percentages and logit regression model. Results obtained shows that 62.60% of the respondents have formal education with a mean age of 35.8 years. The three major organic farming practices with the highest percentage score and have pass through the adoption-decision stages to total practices were crop residues incorporation (83.8%) mix cropping (79.7%) and mix farming (73.0%). The attitudinal statements on organic farming practices that elicited the most favourable attitude includes: mix cropping, reduces pest and disease infestation (WM=4.70) organic pesticide protect water from harmful chemical (WM=4.39). Factors influencing maize farmer’s attitude toward adopting the available organic practices were goal of farming, relative advantage and knowledge on organic farming practices. It is recommended that extension (change) agents should enlighten farmers on various organic methods of weeds, pest and disease control through provision of relevant information and training in the area to enhance adoption of organic farming practices to boost their food production
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