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Title: The Effect of Short Term Storage on Physico-Chemical and Organic Properties of Dairy Wastewater
Authors: ADEOYE, Peter Aderemi
Musa, John Jiya
Olaleye, Ayodeji
Keywords: Farm wastes, , .
soil amendment
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2009
Publisher: Assumption University Journal of Technology
Abstract: The methods of handling, treating and disposing of farm wastes may adversely affect air, water and soil and may be a nuisance to those who dwell nearby. Large-scale dairy production system generates great quantities of wastewater. The effect of short-term storage on basic properties of dairy wastewater was examined in this work. Collection of water sample was through a sterilized white 10 L container at the point of discharge into the lagoon. The samples were stored for three, five and seven days before being taken for analysis in the laboratory for physico-chemical and biological properties. The iron content of the effluents sample ranged from 0.41mg/l to 0.52mg/l. The sulphate, phosphate, potassium and nitrate concentrations of the samples ranged between 11mg/l to 250mg/l when the samples were analyzed. The BOD measured in mg/l was not present in the raw samples but after five days, the BOD, COD and DO have great values. During aeration, the odor that would have polluted the laboratory where the experiment was performed was eliminated. The research can be extended by using the diary wastewater as soil amendment on a demonstration plot.
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