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Title: Potential, Barriers and Prospects of Biogas Production in North- Central NigeriaPotential, Barriers and Prospects of Biogas Production in North- Central Nigeria
Authors: ADEOYE, Peter Aderemi
Keywords: Biogas,Digester,Implementation,,Research.
Issue Date: 6-Sep-2019
Publisher: International Engineering Conference, SIPET/SEET FUT MINNA
Abstract: Despite research work and implementation of biogas having started as early as in the 1980s, Nigeria is lagged behind in the adoption and use of biogas in the sub-Saharan Africa. The study established that there is a theoretical biogas potential of 76PJ per annum from animal manure and crop residues. This is sufficient to provide energy for cooking and lighting in more than 16 million households. Lack of funding, lack of policy, regulatory framework and strategies on biogas, unfavorable investor monetary policy, inadequate expertise, lack of awareness of the benefits of biogas technology among leaders, financial institutions and locals, resistance to change due cultural and traditions of the locals, high installation and maintenance costs of biogas digesters, inadequate research and development, improper management and lack of monitoring of installed digesters, complexity of the carbon market, lack of incentives and social equity are among the challenges that have derailed the adoption and sustainable implementation of domestic biogas production in Nigeria. Unless these are addressed, it is unlikely that the biogas sector in Nigeria will flourish.
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