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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Replacement value of millet for maize in practical diet fed to Japanese quail chicks.Ijaiya, Abdulmojeed Tunji; Aremu, Ayo; Alabi, Olushola John; Jiya, Elisha; Malik, Abdulganiyu; Chakwen, S.J.
2010The growth performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass characteristics of broilers fed cooked flamboyant (Delonix regia) seed meal.Kudu, Yahaya Salihu; Usman, Abdukadir; Alabi, Olushola John; Ibrahim, A.; Muhammed, B.M; Tauhid, G
2014Effect of graded levels of oven dried maggot meal on growth performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickensJiya, Elisha; Ayanwale, Bisi Alex; Awodiya, G.A; Oladipo, G.A; Tsado, Daniel; Kolo, Philip; Alabi, Olushola John
2015Effect of dietary lysine to energy ratio on productivity, carcass characteristics and sensory attributes of indigenous Venda chickens.Alabi, Olushola John
2016Response of finishing broiler chickens to diets containing rumen liquor fermented rice husk mealAlabi, Olushola John; Adama, John; Fasanya, O.O.A; David, O.M
2014Assessment of foetal wastages of sheep and goats slaughtered in Minna Municipal abattoir.Attu, Blessing; Adama, John; Alabi, Olushola John
2016Growth performance and nutrient digestibility of Wild Guinea Fowls (Numidea meleagris galeata) fed diets containing graded levels of fermented cassava (Manihot palmata) peel mealAlabi, Olushola John; Ijaiya, Abdulmojeed; Wodi, D.A; Ayanwale, Bisi Alex
2016Response of broiler chickens to administration of water containing different concentration of Hydrochloric acid at two age groupsJiya, Elisha; Ayanwale, Bisi Alex; Adeboye, Emmanuel; Alabi, Olushola John
2016Effect of papain enzyme treatment on the tenderness of beef from the chuck cut of spent cow.Jiya, Elisha; Ocheme, Ocheme; Musa, Grace; Alabi, Olushola John
2020Growth performance of Savanna brown goats fed enzyme treated sawdust diets under intensive managed systemOgbiko, Anthonia; Tsado, Daniel; Alabi, Olushola John; Adama, T.Z.