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Title: Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Melon Shelling Machine
Authors: Adebayo, Segun Emmanuel
Lawal, M. I
Buremoh, O. O
Tiamiyu, Q. O
Keywords: Cleaning
Melon Seed Speed
Issue Date: 21-Mar-2023
Publisher: 4th Engineering Conference IEC
Abstract: Melon is a notable oil-seed crop widely planted in Tropical Africa for both consumer and industrial uses. Shelling is a very necessary postharvest practice prior to its vast applications. To address the problems associated with its shelling, a melon shelling and cleaning machine was developed using local materials. The machine consists of a frame, hopper, shelling and cleaning unit, prime mover, and chutes. The performance operation was carried out using “serewe” melon seeds. The processing involves different operations which include shelling and cleaning (separation of the seed from the chaff). The machine was tested at three different moisture content (12%, 16%, and 20%). The shelling speed was varied at 750rpm, 950rpm, and 1500rpm respectively. The machine’s throughput Capacity per hour (Cmph) was 293.3 kg/hr and the grain recovery range of 87.8%. The optimum shelling and cleaning efficiencies were obtained at 20% moisture content at a shelling speed of 950rpm which gives shelling and cleaning efficiencies of 92.2 and 60.2% respectively.
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