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Title: Qualities of Watermelon Seed Oil Extracted at Different Moisture Content
Authors: Adejumo, Bolanle
Olorunsogo, Samuel
Keywords: watermelon seed
moisture content
free fatty acid
peroxide value
refractive index
saponification value
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Technology (IJAERT)
Abstract: Quality attributes of watermelon seed oil at four moisture content was investigated. Oil was extracted using solvent extraction method at 4.31% (control), 10% (A), 20% (B) and 30% (C) moisture content (wb). Result shows that the acid values (Mg/KOH/g), iodine values (g/100), peroxide values (M/Mol/Kg), saponification values (Mg/KOH/g) and free fatty acid values (Mg/KOH/g) ranged between 5.61-10.10, 122.60-135.66, 2-16, 196.35-325.38 and 11.22-20.20 respectively. The increase in moisture content does not have significant effects (p<0.05) on the refractive index, viscosity and specific gravity of watermelon seed oil while saponification value, acid value, free fatty acid and peroxide value increased significantly with increase in moisture content. The oil yield and iodine content decreased with increase in moisture content. It is concluded that water melon seed oil will be suitable for lubrication and soap making.
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