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Title: Consumers Utilisation of Solar Energy Technologies for Electricity Generation in Kogi State, Nigeria
Authors: Abraham, E. O.
Owodunni, S. A.
Audu, R.
Keywords: Awareness, Consumers, Electricity, Solar Energy, Technologies
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Abraham, E. O., Owodunni, S. A. & Audu, R. (2022). Consumers Utilisation of Solar Energy Technologies for Electricity Generation in Kogi State, Nigeria.ICONIC RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING JOURNALS, 5(10), 65-74
Abstract: The study investigated consumer’s utilisation of solar energy technologies for electricity generation in Kogi state, Nigeria. Specifically, the study assessed the level of awareness of consumers, the factors affecting the effective utilization and the interventional strategies for effective utilization of solar energy technologies for electricity generation. Three research questions were answered and three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. A descriptive survey design was used. The population used for the study comprised all household heads, Micro and Small enterprises (MSEs) operators and licensed electrician in Kogi State. A sample of 394 comprised of 222 household heads, 108 MSEs operators and 64 licensed electrician was used for the study. 30 respondents were used for trial test of the instrument and the reliability coefficient of the instrument was found to be 0.76 using cronbach alpha. Mean, standard deviation, ANOVA were used for testing the research questions and hypothesis respectively. The findings revealed that consumers are aware of solar energy technologies and believe that lack of manpower and the desired technological skills to manage solar energy technologies efficiently among others are factors affecting effective utilisation of solar energy technologies. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that there should be training and re-training programme for improving the technical-know-how of technicians on solar energy technologies installation and maintenance.
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