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Title: Solvent extraction and characterization of oil from African Star Apple (Chysophyllumalbidum)
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Authors: ADEBAYO, S. E
Keywords: African star apple
solvent extraction
refractive index
oil yield
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Academic Research International
Citation: 28. Adebayo, S. E., Orhevba, B. A., Adeoye, P. A., Musa, J. J., and Fase, O. J., (2012): Solvent extraction and characterization of oil from African Star Apple (Chysophyllumalbidum) seeds. Academic Research International, Vol. 3, Number 2: 179-185.
Abstract: African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) is one fruit of great economic value in tropical Africa due to its diverse industrial, medicinal and food uses. Its seeds have also been found to have a number of beneficial uses. In this study, oil was extracted from the seeds of Chrysophyllum albidum using normal hexane as extracting solvent. The extraction was carried out at a temperature of 650C at 3 – 4 hours extraction time. Solvent extraction is known to be the best method of extracting oil from low oil bearing seeds. The method used is aimed at determining the percentage oil yield. At a range of 3 - 4 hours extraction time and a temperature of 650C, the average oil yield obtained was 10.71%. The characterization was conducted to determine the physical and chemical properties of the extracted oil shows that the oil was deep red in colour, liquid at 280C with a characteristics smell, density of 0.89 kg/m3, solidification temperature of -20C, boiling point of 620C, saponification value of 177.30 mg/KOH/gram, acid value of 5.20% free fatty acid value of 2.60%, peroxide value of 1.65 meq/kg, refractive index of 1.4672 at 31.20C. These results suggest that Chrysophyllum albidum seeds may be a viable source of oil going by its oil yield. Furthermore, the studied characteristics of the oil extracted shows that it may be used for many domestic and industrial purposes in Nigeria.
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