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Title: Assessing the Impact of Urban Renewal on the Built Environment in Nigeria.
Authors: Aka, Adefemi
Bello, Abdulkabir Opeyemi
Semiu, Semiu
Adelabu, Yusuff
Keywords: Built Environment, Development, Infrastructure, Impact, Urban Renewal
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2022
Publisher: IGSAD
Citation: Adefemi Aka, Abdulkabir Opeyemi Bello, Mudasiru Abiodun Semiu, Yusuff Adelabu Ajibade (2022). Assessing the Impact of Urban Renewal on the Built Environment in Nigeria. International Korkut Ata Scientific Researches Conference, Osmaniye Korkut Ata University
Abstract: Due to increase in population growth, the capital city of many nations across the globe becomes congested, which makes the available social amenities to be overused beyond their intended designs, resulting in urban problem that could lead to urban renewal (UR). The UR has significant impacts on individual and a group of activities within the built environment. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the negatives and positives impacts of UR on the built environment in Nigerian. To achieve the aim of the research, the study adopted a qualitative research method. In the qualitative study, the necessary data was collected through physical observations and interviews. The physical observation exercise was carried out in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria. While the interview was conducted with eighteen construction professionals in the study context. The findings of the study reveals that UR has a positive and negative implications on the capital city of Nigeria. Some of the positive impacts are environmental upgrade, economic stability, increase in value for land and infrastructures. Whereas, the negative implications are displacement, loss of property, excessive price of land and infrastructures, economic hardship. Strategies such as community engagement, adequate compensation, government policy and implementation were developed to mitigate the negative influence of UR on the built environment.
Description: Conference Proceedings
ISSN: 978-625-8323-69-6
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