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Title: Effect of Process Variables on Biodiesel Production from Neem Seed Oil
Authors: Mohammed, I.A.
Suleiman, B.
Mustapha, A.
Auta, M.
Yahya, M.D.
Keywords: Biodiesel
Fossil fuel
Neem oil
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2011
Publisher: Academia
Abstract: This work studied the effect of process variables on the production of biodiesel from Neem oil. Two-step transesterification was employed using potassium hydroxide as a homogeneous catalyst and methanol as alcohol. The effect of temperature (40 to 60 OC), reaction time (45 to 60 minutes), oil/methanol ratio (1:5 to 1:7) and catalyst concentrations (0.5 to 1.0 wt. %) was investigated. An optimum yield of 90 wt % of Neem oil methyl ester was obtained at a reaction time of 45 minutes, catalyst concentration of 1.0 wt %, temperature at 60 OC, and oil/methanol ratio of 1:7. The properties of the biodiesel produced were characterized and compare favourably with the ASTM standards for biodiesel signifying that the neem oil methyl ester could be used as an alternative to diesel
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