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Title: Forecasting of 2-3 Prey-Predator Using Aiyesimi Non-Diffused Mathematical Model
Authors: Makinde, S. O
Bolarin, G
Yusuf, Abdulhakeem
Aiyesimi, Y. M
Jiya, M
Olayiwola, R. O
Keywords: Prey-Predator
, Local Stability
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2020
Publisher: Lapai Journal of Applied and Natural Sciences
Abstract: The model is based on the interactions of three Predators competing for two Preys. The equilibrium points are initially evaluated to arrive at seven equilibrium points. To analyse this using local stability, the Jacobian matrix is reduced using row transformation and then the eigenvalues were obtained. The solution is then examined, to determine the criteria for the stability of the system. The stability of the system was found to depend intrinsically on the level of interaction of the competing species as well as the object of competition in which the absence of one or more species leads to the stagnation of the others. Hence, it is observed that, at is the population interaction is not sustainable over time while at the population interaction is continuous over time.
Description: LAJANS Vol 5(1): 88-93
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