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Title: A Convective MHD Flow of a Micropolar Fluid Past a Stretched Permeable Surface with Radiation
Authors: Aiyesimi, Y. M.
Yusuf, Abdulhakeem
Jiya, M
Keywords: Convective
Adomian decomposition
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2013
Publisher: Nigerian Assosciation of Mathematical Physics
Abstract: MHD flow of a micropolar fluid past a stretched permeable surface with heat generation or absorption was considered in this work. The governing partial differential equations were transformed into their equivalent cylindrical coordinate system from its original form (rectangular form). A set of similarity parameters are employed to convert the governing partial differential equations to ordinary differential equations. The obtained self-similar equations are solved using the Adomian Decomposition Method. The effect of various physical parameters on the velocity profile, microrotation and temperature distribution were investigated. The obtained results shows that as the Hartmann number ( ) increase the velocity profile and the microrotation reduce while the temperature profile increases.
Description: Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, 25(1), November, 2013
ISSN: 1116-4336
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