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Title: Soil Loss Estimation and nutrients level changes in selected farmlands in Ilorin, Nigeria
Authors: Musa, J. J.
Adeoye, P. A.
Adams-Suberu, J.
Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi
Keywords: Land degradation
Land management
Soil loss
Issue Date: 15-Aug-2017
Publisher: Proceedings of 38th annual conference of Nigerian Institution of agricultural Engineers
Abstract: Despite several government effort, Nigeria’s increasing population and decreasing land resources is an environmental problem and it has to be combated head on if she must overcome loss of natural resources due to sedimentation and nutrient loss. Urbanization, intensified agricultural activities and deforestation are the key factors that influence soil erosion rate and sediment yield which subsequently leads to land degradation in the Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria, respectively. This paper explores and reviews globally existing land management practices and various typologies, in relation to the various agricultural and urban activities in Nigeria. Over 50 publications were referred to, representing most continents and many countries. It was concluded that there is so much pressure on land and yet improper sustainable land management applied due to lack of awareness and socio-economic lifestyle of the people. Land degradation can be remedied through integrated approaches such as creation of awareness programme, encouraging sustainable land management practices for both rural and urban zones, use of satellite remote sensing technology, planting of trees and shrub species and protection of marginal lands and the use of alternative energy sources.
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