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Title: Challenges Encountered by Peri-Urban Women in Landed Property Ownership in Minna
Authors: Popoola, Naomi
Martins, Itunu Valda
Akanbi, Memunat Oyiza
Bamgbade, Adebisi Abosede
Keywords: Access,
Landed Property
Peri Urban
Social Capital
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2021
Publisher: Environmental Technology & Science Journal
Abstract: Peri-urban areas are areas around the cities, known to possess vast area of land for agricultural activities and other uses. This study investigates the extent of land and property ownership among women in the peri-urban areas of Minna, Nigeria, and more importantly the challenges they encountered as a result of ownership. By utilizing purposive sampling method, women within marriageable age of 18 years and above were sampled across 12 randomly selected peri-urban areas in the study area. Based on the questionnaire survey conducted between 8th June and 10th June, 2019, a total number of 622 respondents were interviewed. The data for the study entailed general information on land and property ownership and socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics (simple frequency and proportion method) and 4-point likert scale. The study observed that only 52.27% of the respondents owned land/property and revealed that 61.26% of the women did not experience any major threat from owning such asset. The most outstanding challenge experienced as revealed by the study is envy from other women within their society; 62.47% of the respondents attested to this fact. The current study contributes to the extant literature by recommending the formation of social capital network among the women as a panacea to curb the major challenge of envy identified. This could help create good social relationship, social cohesion, collective action and trust among the women. It can also help create economic empowerment which would give women better opportunities to own land and property.
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